Elo Boosting, Botting and Cheats.

When someone mentions the word: "elo boost", well, lets face it, panties gets twisted in a knot and people run screaming from the room. Riot is perhaps the biggest reason for this reaction, having started lengthy conversations and posted numerous warnings early in the League of Legends history, a trend in which they are still very much participating. But, is elo boosting really that bad, and could there be some good coming out of it? How many companies actually profit from lol boosting, and how many players participate in this dreaded service? If these are the kinds of questions that interest you, head over to our  blog section!

Funnily enough, botting does not get as much attention as boosting, and you might argue botting actually causes a lot more damage to the game and its player base than elo boosting does. Could it have something to do with the huge influx of new accounts being made to make up for the bans, and have Riot discovered that the only way to keep their player base alive, is to actually allow this to happen, especially since they are banning half their player base and losing who knows how much money. Stay tuned and check out our Blog for more League of Legends news and controversial topics!

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