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Guest Article on the term "elo boost" from Jeanine Garter. The purpose of the following article is to get a different point of view on elo boosting and to understand what it actually is and what consequences the service can have.

 What is Elo Boosting in league of legends?
If you play League of Legends and are considering Elo Boosting your account, you should first read this article and always have in mind that it is against the rules and you can be punished.

First, let’s talk about Elo. It is a method of showing how good a player is in League of Legends, according to his abilities and the results of previous matches in the game.

People that play the game may feel a lot of difficulty in advancing levels, especially those people that are starting to play, and, besides that, their opponents can be quite ambitious at the possibility of awards and even a career through the game, so, there are no easy challenges in League of Legends.

 That’s why there are services like Elo Boost that happens when a player with experience in the game and high score enters a person’s little experienced account and plays for her to leave her at a better level in the game, in exchange for money.

According to Riot, the developer of League of Legends, Elo Boosting is against the rules and many players have already been punished, including professionals.

The process of boosting detection is very accurate, and begins with the knowledge of every individual’s play style, then they spot any unusual patterns and behaviors and try to eliminate false positive as much as they can. 

The punishments are the following:

  • Two week account suspension;
  • Removal of ranked rewards;
  • Disqualification from receiving ranked rewards and;
  • Second time offenders will be permanently banned from the game.

 People’s motivation for doing that range from allegations of lack of time to devote to the game to people who say they were tired of losing due to the fact that they were playing in bad teams. The truth is that in any game, there will always be people willing to cheat either by vanity or any other reason.

And why people sell this service? Because they charge very high depending on the ranking level which the client wants to reach, and with this money, people that sell the service are able to keep playing long hours during the day.

 When questioned if they ever harm someone’s account by making mistakes and losing their minds in the middle of the game, the gamers that offer the service say they can’t give 100% warranty that this won’t happen, but it happens with 1 out of 1000 customers.

So, do you still consider Elo Boosting your account after reading this article? I hope not.

 Even if you are not part of the video game community, you have probably heard of the popular multiplayer battle game, League of Legends (LoL).  This PC game is impressively the most-played in the entire world.  Lately, in order to enhance your character, or champion, and chances of winning, gamers, or commoners, have turned to Elo-boosting.  Elo is also a synonym to Match Maker Ratio (MMR) or where you are ranked in the game.  Boosters log into the boostee’s account and evidently increase their MMR.  The actual number cannot be seen by players, but they will quickly notice the advantages.  What may seem as a great way to help fellow gamers succeed, has struck some controversy.  Elo-boosting is typically something a player purchases unless they are good friends with a League of Legends mastermind. There are companies, such as LoLBoost, that promise to boost your league from bronze, silver, or gold to platinum, diamond, or master for a price range.  Especially due to the excessive amount of players and competition, this can appear to be cheating.  Some may argue if a rival hired LoLBoost and didn’t credit them; the customer is considered a cheater.  The gamer did not work hard enough to do it themselves, even if they worked for the money to pay for their LoL hobby.  The popularity of these Elo boosting websites are making it seem acceptable.  So is it? I’m torn between the two sides.  I don’t think I would personally spend $15-$1,000 on that and I’d like to feel the accomplishment of achieving a rank on my own.  However, if I absolutely loved the game, I was stuck, and that would make me and my team happy, then I could see giving it a shot. 

 However, others may argue that Elo-boosting is harmless and equivalent to buying updated sports equipment to improve performance or hiring someone to remodel your home.  They consider that perhaps not all people can conquer levels of a game by themselves.  Many gamers can get stuck at certain levels and become frustrated, thinking that is their only resort.  Plus, according to League of Legend’s own website, The Summoner’s Code states, “The tenets of the code encourage you to play as a team, provide constructive feedback, build relationships and help new players.”  The summoner has the option of playing solo or with teammates, but it is commonly played as a team.  When you play as a team, you work together to defeat your opponent’s Nexus before the opponent destroys your team’s.  The statement makes it sound like the game makers themselves encourage people to work as a team whether within the game or not.  The Elo-boosters look like they genuinely want you to get to where you want to be as a summoner, but I would be concerned about the security of giving someone else your account information.  You don’t want your account to be sold. 

 Is it really a team if people have to pay for a better outcome?  You earn coins anyway to boost your powers.  A jump from bronze to platinum may feel fantastic, but then you put your teammates, still at the lower ranking, at risk and they can’t keep up with you.  So what about when LoL said to help new players?  Should only new, bronze players get to buy an Elo-boost? I think not. Newbies wouldn’t know the benefit of that yet and it’s as if they were skipping half of the game. 

 The next time you feel like you’ll give up if you don’t do an Elo-boost ASAP, consider the damage to your team as a whole.  Now I’m thinking that Elo-boosting is not worth it.  What about you?

Happy gaming!

- Jeanine Garter



  League of Legends Runes - Post 3.

Runes are magical artifacts which were originally present deep down the earth, they were discovered a thousand years before and decades after they were discovered their understanding and knowledge started to become very common among the people. The most intelligent people around the world started studying these ‘world runes’ and its types, glyph which is a type of rune people started to study it to discover the amazing powers it holds. Few people started to understand the power that lies between these artifacts called runes and their origins as well. Mistrust started to develop between people very soon enough after the people who knew about these magical artifacts imagined that these could be used as a weapon, they called it the “Makers’ Mighty”. Later on conflicts arose between the people these conflicts were known as the Rune Wars. The first use of these runes resulted in a very misfortunate event as they reshaped the whole topography of all the nations.

Rune is a customizable bonus to the champion that the Summoner provides to increase the champions abilities before the match in the Field of Justice.

Runes have to be purchased from the riot store only using the influence points only and not the riot points. With the help of these magical runes a special bonus is rewarded to a specific category. They are collected in the form of a stack to gain larger bonuses.

A stack of 9 of these runes Glyphs, Marks and Seals grant a larger bonus and increased effect whereas a stack of 3 for the Quintessence is enough to provide the increased effect.

A player can only have up to 720 numbers of runes; it will cost up to 389,916 IP to the player for purchasing a maximum number of every type of 3 tier rune which includes 3 of quintessence and 9 of each glyph, mark and seal. Now the important thing that is to be noted is that achieving the maximum of each tier 3 comes out to be 684 but this amount can be exceeded if the player purchases the special event runes or uses the maximum amount that is to be used before patch 1.59.

Types of Runes:

These magical runes are of four types and with tier 3 of each:

Glyph: These provide the highest bonus to defense and magical power.


Mark: These provide the best bonuses for offence.


Seal: These are best for providing defense, healing and recovery.


Quintessence: These grant special and substantial bonuses that are not available through any other runes.


In order to know about these runes more we should also know that some of these runes are primary and some are secondary, which provide small bonuses. Glyphs Marks and Seals are primary whereas the other two types are secondary so this means that all the magical runes have one primary type and two secondary types for them. The atmosphere surrounding the runes will indicate its type whether it’s considered to be primary or secondary. E.g. if the ability power rune has a blue aura shrouding it means it is Glyph present exclusively in it.

Runes can be used to waste the IP in a very easy way at the beginning of the game League of Legends. A lot of players use IP on wasted runes. And the truth is that the player can actually get away with a small number of runes and this would still be effective for them. This has not been discussed in the Summoner’s guidebook so it should be fixed.

These magical runes are very costly that the player at the beginning of level 20 will want 5000 IP just for runes and then another 10000 IP or more for their course of career. They will also have to put several champions on wait also no matter what they do.




Post 1 - Welcome to Kaught Looking, a League of Legends news, discussion and controversial ideas website. 

Kaught Looking was started by 2 business men in their early thirties, Mike and Jimmy. They both work at a law firm and when Mike discovered that Jimmy also was an avid LoL fan, they started playing together in their very limited spare time. They are by no means amazing at the game, sitting around platinum most of the time, but they quickly decided that the game shouldn't be taken as seriously as most people take it.

After being caught in the middle of a flame war, they decided to start this website in the hopes that it would eventually attract the kind of people who would have fun reading and discussing the more controversial topics in league of legends, specifically things like elo boost, botting, cheats and third party programs. 

In a few days they will post their first, "real" blog post, talking about elo boosting, what it actually is and why people get so mad when it is mentioned. After that, they will tackle whatever subject seems to garner the most interest, but if no one requests anything in particular they will most likely talk about botting and buying League of Legends accounts.

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