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Account selling in league of legends:

 an article by Guest Writer and LoL player Carl Miller.  The following views are not supported by Kaught Looking, rather it is an opportunity for other LoL players to read about a more conservative view than our own liberal ones.

In august 2012 the game “league of legends” hit the market of the PC games and nearly in a year there were more than 12 million people playing from Europe and North America only

League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Riot games for Microsoft windows. In League of Legends, players assume the role of an unseen "summoned" that controls a "champion" with unique abilities and battle against a team of other players or computer-controlled champions. The goal is usually to destroy the opposing team's "nexus", a structure which lies at the heart of a base protected by defensive structures. Each League of Legends match is discrete, with all champions starting off fairly weak but increasing in strength by accumulating items and experience over the course of the game

With increase in popularity of game user’s account has been growing now number is in Millions. Players could unlock new character, customize and develop their profile and save them, also the could spend real money to customize their champion and stuff similarly

So what should you do if you want to sell an account?

Now it is happening. I am sure that all have heard about people who are selling their Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts.  But have you ever heard about selling online game accounts? People like me, who are playing these games, surely know that it is very easy to go down the track of time and put innumerable hours by playing. This fact can seem very familiar to some of us. So there comes a time when we understand that maybe we can spend our time on other more useful things, but that's already in the past, and we couldn’t manage just to give up something we used to be keen on so much. This is where eBay and other selling companies come into help.

So if you want to sell List out the key features u want in your profile like champions, skins, achievements, and all the other necessary key features

A wide variety of champions would be most appealing since that is something that can only be attained through countless hours of playing and slowly raking in Influence Points list this out. Keep in mind that you list out all the things you achieved like skins runes and summoner icons which will help you get a response from other buyers. Be happy with what you have achieved and tell all about your profile  

Well, there have been many frauds and scams both from the buyer and seller so make sure both use a safe and secure method to transmit money online when the selling came at its peak  so did hackers and small groups who somehow gained access to the servers and downloaded personal info of the players. It has been claimed by unofficial reports that 24.5 billion accounts were hacked and information such as credit card details stolen. The idea was to sell these accounts in black market and earn millions

Selling safe:

Although it’s now illegal to sell accounts online as they are the developer’s property so any loss will not be covered up in any case.

If you are about to sell anything first you need to go to any verified and reputed page, type out an item name and some essential information.  As for a League of Legends account, together with the name of the game and your summoner name would be helpful to put in the title in case you are a famous player. If you are not, think of other main features of your account that could pull towards you to click your listing name if you were a customer. A big amount of champions, skins, or anything else you are proud to have proficient/attained could all be primary terms.

As for me, a wide variety of champions could be most attractive to me since that is something that can only be reached by endless hours of playing and slowly getting IP (Influence Points). That or in other case be paying for RP (Riot Points) with real money

The ranking:

Let’s think where your listing is about to be if one is about to sort for example price from lowest to highest and at the same time also your League of Legends rank. Let's be totally honest since in this case, we have a digital product, and it will cost you nothing to send this item to the buyer. So think how much your time spent and an account is worth and list according to it. If the focal point is the number of champions you have, compute around how much that would exchange to in RP and find the monetary value of that figure. 

Another very important thing is listing your title.  It can be Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, or even challenger. Let your buyers know where you are in the rank because your MMR (matchmaking rating) will be influenced by what division you are in.

Writing description:

Organize and write straight to the point the description of your item. Write important or particular items that you have such as runes, skins, summoner icons, or even you're just selling the summoner username that you got. Your buyers must know what they are getting, so evaluate what you have achieved and let them know. 


Some precautions:

Nowadays we always meet cases of account trading, particularly when we are dealing with player requests to recover some account. Those cases always end up with the account buyer being scammed by the seller, who manages to get an unfair profit at the purchaser's cost. Sorry to say, a lot of account consumers often do not realize the risk that they are. This article speaks about some of our account security pro tips and stellar examples of fraud and scamming that we meet every day.

Getting known with account security

The whole of our account security is based on a process of protected unseen credentials, which are closely connected with your signup information. For example, your username (which is the name you use to log in) is considered to be protected because no one has a possibility to see it in-game. The only way that someone can know your username is if you tell them. Information on protected credentials as these helps us know a player as the account owner since there is no other way to confirm ownership of something that doesn’t exist physically.

If you share your account details with anyone else, they can keep online (i.e. in a gamer support ticket), and it will be impractical for us to verify who the original owner was. In this case, we will have no choice but to close the account to prevent further fraud.

Some ways how the account seller can cheat you

Considering the account security as most important, let's look at how an account seller can use this to their advantage.

EXAMPLE 1: The traditional way of stealing

•    A buyer gets an account from the trader.

•    The trader does not show or gives wrong signup information to the buyer.

•    After the deal is complete, the trader provides a ticket with correct signup information.

•    Support recovers the account for the trader, as correct signup information was given.

•    Conclusion: Buyer has no way to confirm ownership of the account, is cheated and lost his.

So beware of these hanker and only go for safe account selling of league of legends. 

- Carl Miller